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Cyn Tattoo Portfolio

Cyn’s favorite subject is dark art: skulls of all kinds, demons, bones, creepy female faces, florals/botanicals, and animals/ creatures.

 Cyn is a Utah based artist and mother of 2 with a love for all things “dark and creepy”. She enjoys doing neotraditonal and illustrative pieces. Cyn has always had a love and admiration for tattoos and has been artistic her whole life. She was always doodling no matter where she was. The first tattoo artist she was inspired by was Nikko Hurtado when she saw him on LA Ink growing up. His portraits amazed her and still do. As the tattoo world grew and developed she became more interested in pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. Thanks to the support and encouragement from her husband she sought out apprenticeships and did not give up until she got accepted for one. In her free time she enjoys reading webcomics and playing video games.



Custom Tattoo With Cyn

Consultations are free 15-30 minute meetings with the artist. This meeting is to discuss details about your tattoo, including design, price estimates, how long it should take, size, etc.

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