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“Studio Elev8 is a new way to think about traditional tattoo studios. The studio was founded in 2016 by tattoo artist Mike Johnson based on a new and modern client-focused perspective on how a tattoo studio operates.”

We pride ourselves in providing clients with a premium tattoo experience. Our consultations are one of the many things that makes Studio Elev8 unique. At Studio Elev8 we request that every client has a consultation, first and foremost, to be 100% certain that the client and the artist are on the same page. Each client receives dedicated attention from their artist during their consultation and tattoo appointment, facilitating a collaborative, client-oriented environment.

In addition to the client-oriented business model and consultation process of Studio Elev8, we want to help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and never feel rushed or hurried through the process. We offer plenty of amenities to help you feel at home and stay cozy. We look forward to giving you your next tattoo. Reach out and set up a consultation today!


Studio Elev8 adheres to the highest sanitary tattooing practices and maintains a pristine business environment.


We offer many amenities in our cutting edge tattooing facility and treat every client with care and respect.


Our artists are imaginative, intuitive, and love conversing with clients. Pay us a visit today!

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